7 Day Inserta-Lite Candle, Plastic Case

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Product Description

  • Designed to safely burn continuously
  • Recyclable container helps environment
  • Perfect as church votive candle


This 7 Day votive candle is available individually, instead of the case of 24. The same great candle burning qualities are found in the individual 7 Day votive candle as the candles sold by the case to many churches around the country. This 7 Day votive, called "Instera-Lite®" from Cathedral Candle, and is made with high quality paraffin and an important safety feature. Cathedral Candle, along with their chemists, has perfected the art of church candle burning since 1897. Church candles are much more complicated than you think. Please don't buy inferior imported candles or refills made with lower melting point paraffin that results in scorched liquid wax and candle smoke and soot on your church and sanctuary walls.

The vinyl plastic that is used in our 7 Day votive candles has been tested, retested, and the 7 Day Inserta-Lite® votive candle is approved for use in votive candle stands and church sanctuary light globes. The smart safety feature works like this: if there is a situation where the votive candle wick inadvertently touches the vinyl that encloses the candle, the vinyl is manufactured to close down over the flame and to safely extinguish it. In addition, the Instera-Lite® votive candles are made of an unbreakable #3 vinyl plastic that is recyclable. We don't recommend lighting, extinguishing, and then relighting the individual Inserta-Lite® sanctuary light votive candles because their wicks are designed to be lit once and then to burn for the appropriate amount of days. If you desire a candle that can be lit and relit, please see our candelabra altar candles or our votive candles.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Superior Paraffin wax
  • Burns continuously for 7 days
  • #3 Vinyl/Plastic container for recycling
  • Purchased Individually

Safety Information

  • Vinyl/plastic container designed to melt down to extinguish the flame should the flame touch the container at any point
  • Always follow basic rules of fire safety when burning candles
  • Inserta-Lite® Candles are designed to be lit once and then burn continuously for 7 days; tunneling may form if lit and burned repeatedly
  • Always burn in a glass globe; glass globe not included with this purchase
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