Blindsided A Journey from Tragic Loss to Triumphant Love By Mark Roser (Paperback)

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Why is there evil in a world created by a good and all-powerful God?
Ethan Roser, a 19-year-old studying to be a pastor at Wheaton, raised in Africa as the son of faithful missionaries, wrote those words just days before his death due to a freak accident on campus—almost as if he had left a message behind for his parents, siblings, and friends.
After Ethan died his father, Mark Roser, kept his sanity by writing and wrestling with questions as profound as life itself. God had kept Mark's family safe for 22 years in Africa, doing missionary work; he needed to know why God permitted his son to die now. In Blindsided, he shares the answers to those questions.

This book will grip every parent, and it will inspire every person who strives to live for God.

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